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5 Steps to Fire Risk Management.. Compliance AND Control..

1  When tendering for the management of fire risk safety, ask the right questions and ALWAYS consider the bigger picture.  Do you just want a regular fire risk assessment or do you want to manage your fire risk?

2. Undertake the Assessment using trained and experienced professionals.  If you’re unsure, visit the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) website.

3. If you opt for a standard fire risk assessment delivered on paper, ensure its integrity for the entirety of its life.  Simply put, if remedials are highlighted and undertaken, the original FRA is now out of date and you need to ensure that a new or updated FRA takes its place. 

Consider that if instead of having that FRA on paper, it’s in a live database and all you and/or your consultants need do is update the necessary data with the remedial actions undertaken.

As part of the fire risk management process, you will want to include the maintenance, service and replacement of any emergency equipment.  Keeping the certificates, maintenance schedules, current and historic audit information, useful images and even video footage, all in one place, is just one benefit of hosting your fire risk management within a software solution; it will save time, resources and energy when tracking it down – for whatever reason, a Fire Department review, an accreditation audit or simply for your own ends.  If that information is pulled through to your FRA, the benefits are even greater.

4. Budget.  Wouldn’t it be easier, more cost-effective and productive if you could assign any remedial works at a time to suit you?  The right software package can help you budget and schedule any actions – and ongoing maintenance – required.

5. Compliance.  Your goal MUST be to achieve and retain compliance.  Having live data will do that for you!  If any actions have been missed or forgotten, a software solution like VisionPro can be programmed to issue email alerts to the relevant personnel.  Something your filing cabinet will not be able to do for you!

If you want to learn more about Vision Pro Fire Risk Management, call 0115 922 0600 or email