Better than iAuditor, now there’s a challenge!

Steve Aldridge, Managing Director of ACMS UK has over 30 years experience in the Health & Safety Industry and shares a recent enquiry from a client below.

Last month I received a call from a client who said “we use iAuditor and we like it, however we want more business intelligence from it, can you help?”

Always one for a challenge, I set up a meeting with the client to discuss their specific requirements.  The main requirement was pooling all of the data coming back in from 10 different auditors and reporting across their property portfolio, with actions, significant findings, photos and costs. They liked the mobile app and also need to keep the simplicity, the facility to add photographs straight from your phone or tablet and voice recognition for long comments.

After meeting with the client, I met with our team of developers.  As we already had the audit app the onsite data collection wasn’t a problem. We needed to add a costing section in the audit template and the reporting side of the Audits module within Vision needed some work to deliver exactly what the client required.

The required development works were completed and we delivered the solution to the client who was over the moon with the results, especially the auto-emailing of reports and spreadsheets weekly and monthly so that they don’t even need to log into the Vision software.

What a result, one very happy client and yet another improvement to the already extremely impressive Audits module within Vision.

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