Fire Risk – would you like to maximise efficiencies & reduce costs?

In this time of tight budgets and maximising efficiencies, we have recently undertaken a trial of completing fire risk reviews by telephone. This method was already being utilised by a major high street retailer who reported a huge 800% increase in productivity.

The trial consisted of a qualified Fire Risk Assessor contacting the store manager at a pre-arranged time and asking them a series of questions relating to fire risk at their store. The question set was designed specifically to fit the nature of their business and did not include any closed questions. Utilising open ended questions gives the assessor a complete insight into the level of understanding the store manager has.

The trial was combined with the Vision software system which has a built-in algorithm which automatically triggered a site visit should the response to certain questions be ambiguous. On average, 3 site visits are required per 30 telephone reviews completed.  During the trial, the assessor was able to complete 30 telephone reviews per week, compared to an average of 4 site reviews per week previously.  The potential cost savings for the organisation are truly astonishing when taking in account time, travel, accommodation and subsistence.

Analysing the answers from the telephone reviews within Vision allows trends to be highlighted and identify when training is required.

It must be stated that a full fire risk assessment had been undertaken previously and the purpose of the telephone review was to review the store manager’s responsibilities and procedures in place in relation to fire risk were understood and implemented.


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