The Importance of Scoping Asbestos Surveys

89% of all building surveyed for asbestos in the UK have been surveyed more than 3 times!


Because the previous data was unreliable or not fit for purpose!

The industry expects you to be an expert in asbestos surveying, management and procurement, and if they get it wrong it’s your fault as the survey wasn’t scoped correctly.

Why should a management survey never be used for refurbishment or demolition?

A management survey should locate all ACM’s that are readily accessible to the surveyor.

A refurbishment survey should locate all ACM’s that would be discovered during ingress into the fabric of the building.

Things to consider when scoping an asbestos survey…

  • What is the purpose of the survey?
  • Who will be accessing the completed survey?
  • How will the report be laid out?
  • How will the report be delivered?
  • What will be included in the report?
  • What will be acceptable as non-accessed areas?
  • How will the drawings be marked up?
  • How will the comments and recommendations be delivered?
  • How will photographs be taken?
  • How will the surveyor note the details for each area?

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