Legionella Risk Assessment

Legionella is a risk that needs to be managed in nearly all water systems found within buildings. There are specific duties to control this risk effectively, in accordance with ACoP L8 (fourth edition) and under the Health and Safety at Work Act.

This means that if you have water systems within your building, then a risk assessment together with an on-going compliance management plan needs to be done, and ACMS UK can help you achieve this.

Our legionella consultants can provide helpful advice and, the most cost effective solutions for complete, effective control.

ACMS UK can also provide advice on any remedial actions that need to be carried out following the assessment and, if required, can arrange and project manage all necessary works, providing a complete compliance service.

If you’re still unsure of whether you need a Legionella Risk Assessment, the following may help you..

As an employer, or a person in control of the premises, you are responsible for health and safety and need to take the right precautions to reduce the risks of exposure to legionella. For this, you must be able to:

• identify and assess sources of risk – do you feel competent do be able to do this?

• manage any risks – have an understanding of your water systems, the equipment being utilised such as pumps, showers, heaters, etc. Could any of these present a risk if they fail?

• prevent or control any risks – assess the likelihood of any failures and what you can do to negate them

• keep and maintain the correct records – online is simplest with access wherever you are but you must ensure that regular checks are made in accordance with current legislation.

For more independent advice, go to http://www.hse.gov.uk/legionnaires/

Using the Mobile App for onsite legionella data collection generates time AND cost savings as the information is uploaded to our own software – Vision – as soon as an internet connection becomes available.  In using the software it guarantees a quick turnaround time as there’s no need for report writing!  The assessor or consultant can then either present you with the live data within Vision or generate a hard copy report.  The data, whether digital or paper-based, will also show any Significant Findings, temperature fluctuations, sample results (if relevant) and highlight hot spots giving you a visual map of any legionella risks present within your premises.

If you’d like an L8 risk assessment, an annual re-inspection or audit, call us for a no obligation quote on 0115 922 0600 or email projects@acmsuk.com