Our new Maps feature is now live in ‘Vision’

Our revolutionary software just got better with our new Mapping system. Our new Fire and Asbestos maps gives you an overview on the status of the compliance and assessments within your portfolio.

The map is colour coded Red, Amber and Green (R.A.G.) by postcodes in the UK.

RED: indicates a site visit or survey has not been carried out at all within the postcode area

AMBER: indicates a site visit or survey has been started but not completed

GREEN: indicates a site visit or survey has been completed.

Once a postcode area has been clicked, the sites that are both completed and uncompleted are highlighted in a table found below the map itself. This is a further breakdown of the postcode of each site and whether they have been completed.

Our new mapping system gives you a real-time, instant overview of your portfolio’s compliance.

Management can filter this map by the site visit/survey start/end date, zones or even by the Surveyors name to track their progress and performance in real-time. The map is also useful for highlighting issues in areas, such as overworked surveyors, which can reduce productivity and efficiency. If the area is too large for the surveyor to complete, this tells management and therefore the policy on surveyor’s specific areas can be reconsidered, rendering your efficiency manageable at all times.

A Regional Health and Safety Manager from a multi-site high street retailer said:

Working with ACMS and the development of the maps and other systems has allowed our business to have clear visibility to see the areas we have already visited and area still outstanding. This has really driven productivity, efficiency and customer service within in our team, reducing double visits and wasted costs visiting the same area more than once as with previous systems used, in turn maximising value for money. The system has other great features such as notes within the areas that allow reminders; this also brings continuity – should we have any absence the next person can quickly pick this up by the RAG system.

Feel free to contact us for a price breakdown, so we can bespoke this module to your specific requirements.

If you require more information on our new Maps feature, feel free to e-mail us at info@acmsuk.com, where we can give free advice, tips and tricks on how to use all the features found within our industry-leading software.

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