Project Management & Surveying

ACMS UK has a team of highly trained surveyors, qualified in multiple disciplines, who cover the whole of the UK and Ireland.  So, whether you need full project management support or a one-off survey, we have the expertise and experience to deliver.

Our office support team will manage your requirements from enquiry stage to report generation, ensuring you have one point of contact thereby cohesion throughout and an end result you’re happy with.

Our surveyors are trained to collate the data on an App which is then uploaded to our award-winning Vision software as soon as an internet connection becomes available making the survey time, quick and efficient. As part of the data collection, CAD drawings and site plans are included and – if carrying out an asbestos survey – hot spots can be depicted on the reports giving the reader an instant visual image of where any risks lie. Samples are taken, if required and again, once uploaded, will be pulled through to every area of the report so again, any risk is easily identified to the reader. Reports can be generated and distributed in hard copy or electronically.

“I have found ACMS to be a strongly competitive company delivering excellent value. Their surveyors are always highly professional, knowledgeable and efficient, understanding our array of building types and know the complex processes involved to deliver a detailed assessment of our risks ensuring compliance,”

Jeremy Packer, Fire Safety Advisor, Facilities, Cranfield University.

We offer the following surveys:

For asbestos.. management, full R&D, scope specific for any targeted refits or changes, annual re-inspections or audits.  If remedial works are needed following any of our surveys, we can project manage the works with our preferred LARC and UKAS accredited contractors.

For fire.. fire risk assessments, annual re-inspections or audits

For legionella.. L8 risk assessments, annual re-inspections or audits

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More recently and with the creation of the Vision-tags, we have been actively tagging assets and locations to allow clients to tag everything from emergency lighting & fire doors to plant room equipment to locations containing ACMs (Asbestos Containing Materials). Once tagged, you can scan the tag, via a mobile, and view (and edit, if authorised to do so) live data relating to that location or asset.

If you’re unsure as to whether you need a survey or not, the following may help.

Asbestos Surveys

Getting your asbestos management wrong can be extremely costly; ensuring a good quality survey is fundamental to the right management plan.

If your survey request is not scoped correctly, the company carrying out the work will often fall short of delivering what’s needed making the survey itself unfit for purpose and you needing to request another survey in the not too distant future.

At ACMS UK, we take a completely different approach, by working to a full and comprehensive scope agreed BEFORE we start a survey, you will know precisely what to expect, with no hidden costs or omissions. 

Our accredited surveyors are highly experienced in understanding how these reports are used by end user clients.  Consequently, when delivering a report, in both hard copy and electronically, we also include detailed recommendations and budget costs which enable you to make accurate and timely decisions about your premises.

Fire Risk Assessments

Concerned about fire safety?  The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order is the primary fire safety legislation that covers most places of work today.  So if you are the ‘Responsible Person’ within the premises, you will have a duty of care to ensure the building has a current fire risk assessment and annual re-inspections in place.

ACMS UK specialises in providing a level of service best suited to the circumstances of a property. For fire safety, this is a specialist area and normally only offered by certain types of surveyors who are competent in understanding fire science, passive and active fire measures, and all the building regulations and legislation that may apply.

ACMS UK is a company that can provide comprehensive and detailed fire risk solutions that are both cost effective and appropriate for your individual requirements.

We can provide a quality service that will not only provide due diligence and compliance with the fire safety order, but also reduce the risk of prosecution.

ACMS UK can also provide advice on any remedial actions that need to be undertaken following the assessment and, if required, can arrange and project manage all necessary works, providing a complete fire safety service.

Legionella Risk Assessment

Legionella is a risk that needs to be managed in nearly all water systems found within buildings. There are specific duties to control this risk effectively, in accordance with ACoP L8 (fourth edition) and under the Health and Safety at Work Act.

This means that if you have water systems within your building, then a risk assessment together with an on-going compliance management plan needs to be done, and ACMS UK can help you achieve this.

Our legionella consultants can provide helpful advice and, the most cost effective solutions for complete, effective control.

ACMS UK can also provide advice on any remedial actions that need to be carried out following the assessment and, if required, can arrange and project manage all necessary works, providing a complete compliance service.

If you’re still unsure of whether you need a Legionella Risk Assessment, the following may help you..

As an employer, or a person in control of the premises, you are responsible for health and safety and need to take the right precautions to reduce the risks of exposure to legionella. For this, you must be able to:

• identify and assess sources of risk – do you feel competent do be able to do this?

• manage any risks – have an understanding of your water systems, the equipment being utilised such as pumps, showers, heaters, etc. Could any of these present a risk if they fail?

• prevent or control any risks – assess the likelihood of any failures and what you can do to negate them

• keep and maintain the correct records – online is simplest with access wherever you are but you must ensure that regular checks are made in accordance with current legislation.

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