Responsible Person Assessment

    Please check ONLY ONE of the multiple choice answers for each of the questions below.

    21. What is the ‘Main Duty’ under the asbestos regulations?

    22. What is the primary legislation for controlling exposure to employees and contractors?
    Control of asbestos at work regulationCDM regulationsHealth and Safety at Work Act (HSAW)Management regulations 1999

    23. Within the (CAWR 2002/2012) which regulation is specific to the ‘duty to manage’?
    Regulation 4Regulation 5Regulation 6Regulation 7

    24. What is the main duty that a client must do to ensure compliance?
    Employ a qualified asbestos removal companyEnsure a robust asbestos management plan is in placeRemove all the asbestos from his/her buildingsLeave all the asbestos in place within his/her buildings

    25. Which of the following asbestos materials pose the highest risk?
    Floor tiles (sealed and good condition) in an officeAsbestos ceiling tiles (sealed and good condition)Cement sheeting in fair condition to a garage roofDamaged asbestos panels

    26. Typically what is the usually accepted survey to meet compliance with regulation 4 of the CAWR 2012?
    Building surveyType 2 asbestos surveyManagement surveyNone of the above

    27. Which of the following could be a result of drilling into asbestos materials with no protection or safe method of working?
    The HSE being prosecutedThe HSE prosecuting you AND potential health risks to youNothing as long as it is only white asbestosNothing as long as the job is done under 1 hour

    28. The new Control of Asbestos at Works Regulations (CAR 2012) require;
    The removal of all asbestos from their premisesMethod statements and risk assessments of maintenance workers to detail how asbestos risks on site are to be identified and controlledInform the HSE of all asbestos present in their premisesEncapsulate all asbestos detected in their premises

    29. Asbestos waste should be disposed of by;
    Fly-tipping into the nearest hedgePlacing in a controlled waste skipCrushing and washing down a foul drainDouble bagging and disposing of as special waste

    30. Which of the following should you check when reading an asbestos register prior to refurbishment?
    That the survey related to the building being worked inThat the surveyor accessed the room you are working inThat the survey is up to date and conducted by an appropriately accredited companyAll of the above

    31. Which of the following do the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 require?
    Asbestos Awareness training for maintenance personnel working in buildings that could contain asbestosRemoval of all asbestos from buildings older than 1985All maintenance workers to be under medical surveillanceAll maintenance work to be supervised by asbestos consultants

    32. What was the main change to the Control of Asbestos at Works Regulations 2002?
    It gave the HSE more powers to prosecuteThe inclusion of the implementation of Regulation 4, the Duty to Manage Asbestos in BuildingsThe inclusion of the requirement to carry out risk assessmentsThe inclusion of the requirement to use only accredited surveying companies

    33. Who could be responsible for providing sufficient information to carry out maintenance work on a site?
    The project managerThe clientThe facilities management companyThe contractorAll of the above

    34. Who are most at risk from exposure to asbestos?
    ElectriciansJoinersPlumbersH&V contractorsAll of the above

    35. What was the key changes in respect to the “duty holder” to the recent 2012 updated regulations?
    Further experience for duty holdersFurther training for duty holdersFurther qualifications for duty holdersAll of the above

    36. Do you believe all of the following to be correct? If not, check those options you believe to be incorrect:

    36.1 You will find asbestos spray coating on:
    structural beams/steelworkceilingsoverspray

    36.2 You will find asbestos Insulation boarding or pre-formed panels on/in:

    36.3 You will find asbestos insulation used on/in:

    36.4 You will find asbestos cement on/in:
    roof slates and sheetssoffits, guttering and fall pipesfluesshuttering

    36.5 You will find asbestos within textured coatings to:

    36.6 You will find asbestos used in ropes or textiles on any of the following:
    safe door sealsflash pads and electrical door seals