Assets Management Software

Everyone needs to know what assets they own.. how to manage them.. and how to to audit them

For those who value their assets..

It’s not just a case of if it’s valuable, it’s an asset!  Every business needs to know what assets it has, where they’re located, what their current state is and their expected lifespan.  Without this intelligence, how can you manage your business effectively?

The Vision Assets Management Software, in conjunction with the Vision-tag (RFiD or Near Field Communication), allows your business to locate, tag, record, manage and track all your organisation’s assets in one, easy to use, live database.

You can view and edit your Assets Register via the Vision Mobile App and once that information is uploaded, your database will reflect that data giving you an instant and comprehensive view of your organisation’s assets.

You can audit your assets.  We can replicate current templates, offer ‘off the shelf’ templates or customise or develop new templates in the Audits Management Software which can integrate with the Assets Management Software providing one, comprehensive Asset Management Register.

The Complete Compliance Solution

Create an all-encompassing Asset Register

Tag, monitor & manage ANY plant, machinery or equipment assets

Tag, monitor & manage emergency equipment assets

Attach documents, maintenance schedules, images, video and costs to individual assets

Dashboards of premises to provide transparency of compliance

Mobile Apps for onsite Asset data collection

In ever-expanding portfolios, so many organisations are no longer across what they own; they’ve simply grown too big to keep reliable records and misjudged the importance of such record keeping. A recent example of this was an NHS hospital located in Nottingham which decided to outsource all of their FM; they listed 40,000 assets but in reality, discovered much later on, deep into the tendering process, they actually had over 90,000. The outsourcing company gave a budget costing based on the original asset figure when, in reality, the cost was nearly triple their tender price.

Think outside the box..

All businesses have different requirements and our clients are no exception. The Asset Management Module within our software can be, and is, used in a myriad of ways.. some clients choose to use it to carry out annual audits; collate inspection results and schedule re-inspections; store historic data; list their emergency exits and lighting; PAT testing; as business intelligence tool or for insurance purposes, and so much more.  All, however, have one thing in common, they all acknowledge that this module and app has saved them time, money and resources and made their operations more efficient and effective. Asset tagging and asset management can help scale your business and offers many benefits that are an efficient way of working smarter. Simply put, the Asset Management Module offers improved asset lifecycle management.

Head of Asset Management at Anglia Ruskin University, Christopher Willis, comments, “Utilising the Vision software system, Anglia Ruskin University is continuing to improve and evolve its asset management procedures and is now working with ACMS UK to install Vision-tags.  These tags will be applied to all room/areas allowing for authorised auditors to scan a tag and all information relating to emergency lighting, or any other assets, in that area be returned and updated via an authorised mobile device.

The software also allows us to upload any documentation, certificates, video guides, servicing schedules to individual assets, so when reading the tag, we – and our contractors – will have every bit of information we need immediately to hand.  Ultimately, in utilising the tags in this way, we will have comprehensive knowledge of all our assets, where they are, their current maintenance status, etc., which means nothing will get overlooked or missed and all the information needed will be in on place and easily accessible.”  

Want to know more about the assets management module of the Vision Software?

For more information about the asset management module within the Vision software, contact ACMS UK today and book a demonstration. Alternatively, call one of our specialist advisors on +44(0) 115 922 0600