Asbestos Management Services

At ACMS UK our surveyors and consultants are ALL fully trained.  We offer the following asbestos-related services:

  • Management
  • Creation, or assessment of, an/your Asbestos Management Plan
  • Remedials
  • Surveys
  • Inspections

We can assist in identifying any risks, make good or project manage any issues and undertake Management, R&D or targeted surveys that will ensure compliance.

Using the Vision-tag, our surveyors can also offer an alternative, safe and less intrusive way to manage ACMs (Asbestos Containing Materials).  Once located and using near field communication technology, we can attach a Vision-tag to a location, be it a site, building, floor or individual room, scan and write to the tag identifying all the ACMs within that location.  From thereon in all your staff, contractors, suppliers have to do, is simply scan the tag with their mobile phone – having downloaded the Vision Mobile App – to know exactly what that area contains and what the condition of the ACMs are.

The Vision-tag also negates the need for signing in or out at site as the software automatically registers who has logged in or out.

Using the Mobile App for onsite asbestos data collection generates time AND cost savings as the information is uploaded to our own software – Vision – as soon as an internet connection becomes available.  In using the software it guarantees a quick turnaround time as there’s no need for report writing!  The surveyor or consultant can then either present you with the live data within Vision or generate a hard copy report.  The data, whether digital or paper-based, will also show any sample results and highlight hot spots giving you a visual map of any ACMs present within your premises.

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