Audits Management Software

Stay on top of compliance with the Vision Audits Module

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Get control of your audits, wherever you are..

The Audits Management Software platform is designed to host all your templates from checklists to inspection information, accreditations to performance reviews in one place… online, and accessible at the touch of a button.

You can..

  • Create your own, bespoke audit templates
  • Replicate audit templates you currently use, perhaps in paper format
  • Assign audits to an unlimited number of individual assets
  • Use the Audit platform to undertake your own internal auditing of your Internal Management Structure [IMS]
  • Use the Audit platform to undertaken external auditing of your IMS system for accreditation purposes
  • Produce customisable reports
  • Receive email alerts for overdue audits
  • Get electronic sign-off, via the Mobile App, on any projects – designating ownership and responsibility
  • Use as stand-alone Auditing software or combine with Asset tracking to provide you with a comprehensive database of everything you own and/or lease.

One ACMS UK client made the switch from paper to Vision software, and here’s what they had to say..

“We started using Vision to transfer our Fire Log book records from paper to electronic.  Vision is flexible enough for the audit forms to replicate the paper version and was therefore very simple for our store teams to switch to this process.  This provided us real time information on compliance.  Reports were easily produced to identify missing audits and we were able to address proactively from a central location rather than wait until a team member was physically on site.  Electronic records also meant that they could not be destroyed on site.”

“The transition was so successful that we transferred all our Health and Safety audits and inspections onto the same platform.  Other departments have also started to use the system.  This has resulted in being able to get a broader view of data regarding a site as we can share this cross functionally.  These vary on content and requirements but the system is flexible enough to meet all our requirements.” Katherine Stewart, Group Health and Safety Manager, New Look Retailers.

The Complete Compliance Solution

Customisable – create your own question sets

Monitor, track and update

Colour-coded for easy reference

Electronic signature sign-off via the Mobile App

Secure – authorised viewers & editors only

Export Live Data to pdf, word or excel

Want to know more about the audit management capabilities of the Vision Software?

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