Audits Management Software Module

Stay on top of compliance with the Vision Audits Module

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The Audits Management Software Module is designed to host all your documentation from checklists to inspection information, accreditations to performance reviews in one place, online, and accessible at the touch of a button.

Customisable reports can be generated to alert you, via email, when audits are due – or overdue, compliant or non-compliant and even when documents and certificates are due to expire.

An exciting and invaluable recent update to Vision’s Audits Management Module is it now allows for electronic signatures.  So whether you need to sign off part of a project, the whole project or a contractor’s work, you can do so within the Vision software.. all you need is a touch screen or mouse. 

You can…

  • Create your own forms, design bespoke procedures that allows you to manage your inspections and reporting systems.
  • Put yourself in control with inspection data that allows you to manage your workflow and budgets.
  • Authorise sign-off throughout, at the end of a phase or at completion stage of a project from any number of chosen signatories, allowing you to track and record and hold all parties responsible for their work.

The Complete Compliance Solution

Customisable – create your own question sets

Monitor, track and update

Colour-coded for easy reference

Electronic signature sign-off via the Mobile App

Secure – authorised viewers & editors only

Export Live Data to pdf, word or excel

Want to know more about the audit management capabilities of the Vision Software?

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