Vision Mobile AppMobile Apps

.. delivering the right information, to the right people, at the right time

Used in conjunction with the Vision software, our Mobile Apps deliver..

  • instant access to live data – to view or edit, depending on permissions
  • the ability to upload CAD drawings, plans and photographs
  • the ability to upload or download video footage
  • the ability to scan and read – or edit, if authorised to do so – RFiD tags (Vision-tags) allowing you to access specific live data relevant to that location, Asset/s or ACMs (Asbestos Containing Materials)
  • the ability to upload or download user guides, certificates or any other relevant documentation associated with your Assets
  • the ability to upload electronic signatures to allow you to audit any project at any time

When used in conjunction with the Vision online compliance system, the Vision Mobile App gives you instant access to your risk compliance data and asset management.  This tool is perfect for surveyors and contractors but also ideal for giving clients total transparency throughout their property portfolio.

Our second Mobile App is solely for users of the Vision-tags (RFiD or Near Field Communicators) and allows for the scanning, viewing and editing (with the correct permissions in place) of tags and the associated data held in Vision for that location whether it be assets, asbestos or the monitoring of your legionella risk.

Want to know more about the mobile risk assessment app features of the Vision Software?

For more information about the mobile risk assessment app features within the Vision software, contact ACMS UK today and book a demonstration. Alternatively, call one of our specialist advisors on +44(0) 115 922 0600