The ability to safely and effecitvely manage any asbestos risk whether you own or manage a large property portfolio or a single site, should not only be your aim, it's a legal requirement!

Asbestos in Vision

The asbestos module ensures complete and absolute compliance at the touch of a button.

With a Dashboard that allows you to see, at a glance, any risk issues you have throughout your portfolio and the ability to set up email reminders, you will have peace of mind, manageability, accountability and the tool to help you manage your budget proactively.

Whilst CAFM systems offer a comprehensive software platform for facilities management they fall short on managing and ensuring compliance for such risks as asbestos, legionella, etc., Vision was designed to do just that, giving you so much more.. transparency and efficiency in an extremely versatile, cost-effective and easy to use system – for both clients AND surveyors/ contractors.

“Vision is a very user-friendly client management tool which provides us with a quick overview of our asbestos management status, or allows us to view our asbestos survey data in detail, whether on a desktop PC or mobile hand held device.
Vision helps us to manage our asbestos with greater efficiency and is a great tool for communicating our asbestos status at our regular compliance meetings.”

Richard Hatfield, Building Surveyor, Cranfield University

Used in conjunction with the Vision Asbestos Mobile App and you have immediate access to live data anytime, anywhere.

If you want to know more about Vision, get in touch. A presentation – even using your own data – takes no more than an hour of your time. It could be the most productive and cost-effective hour you will ever spend!