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The smart way to manage your risk

Totally configurable, the Legionella Module can be adapted to what you need whether you’re responsible for one property or multiple properties and whatever sector you operate in.

Properties left vacant can often pose problems and it’s imperative you undertake a full legionella risk assessment on opening the premises up to workers and/or the public. Sampling will be required to ascertain any issues of water becoming stagnant during the time the building stood empty.

Software is not just another way of being able to record risk assessments but it can become your overall business intelligence in guiding you on how to manage your risk and maintain your duty of care.

Within the Legionella Module, the assessment form has been designed to prompt you for information that requires you, as a business, to be responsible for and be seen to be managing, thereby making your duty of care easier to undertake. The toolbar offers both hot water and cold water systems analysis tracking; the significant findings tab enables you to lodge any actual or potential risks and track the actions associated with these findings. There is also a documents storage facility that allows for all your relevant and/or historic data to be uploaded plus any relevant plans and drawings can also be retained within the Module. The assets tab allows you to log all the assets within your property or property portfolio and finally, the reports function, enables you to generate electronic or hard copy risk assessment reports.

The Dashboard generates a visual display of your complete Legionella assessment for individual sites or, as a collective, your entire property portfolio. Here it will highlight the significant findings and priorities and generate a comprehensive action plan to ensure that you are always in control and managing your risk.