Asbestos Awareness Assessment

    Please check ONLY ONE of the multiple choice answers for each of the questions below.

    1. What year was the first recorded diagnosis of Asbestosis?
    192419311934None of the above

    2. What year was the first successful asbestos claim made?
    193919341929None of the above

    3. Blue and Brown asbestos was only banned in all its forms in the UK in?

    4. Asbestos use was only banned in all its forms in the UK in?

    5. Asbestos use was banned in the European Union in?

    6. Which of these is deemed to be the most hazardous type of asbestos?
    Chrysotile (white)Amosite (brown)Crocidolite (blue)Tremolite

    7. Which of the following types of asbestos can cause fatal diseases?
    Blue asbestosWhite asbestosBrown asbestosAll of the above

    8. How many different types of asbestos are there

    9. What type of fibre can be found in Chrysotile Asbestos?

    10. Which country is currently the largest producer of asbestos?

    11. Which country is currently the largest consumer of asbestos?

    12. Approximately how many people in the UK are currently dying from asbestos related diseases each year?

    13. Which of the following causes a cancer around the lungs and stomach?
    AsbestosisLung CancerMesotheliomaNone of the above

    14. In general, the likelihood that people may develop one of these diseases will increase with?
    SmokingType of asbestosExposure durationNone of the above

    15. How many tonnes of asbestos was imported into the UK during the last 100 years?
    1.5 millionOver 10 million4 millionOver 6 million

    16. Asbestos is present in approximately what percentage of UK buildings?

    17. What percentage asbestos does asbestos cement products contain?
    55% UpwardsOver 85%10 to 40%100%

    18. What percentage asbestos does sprayed asbestos contain?

    19. If you suspect asbestos is being disturbed during your works, what is your first course of action?
    Ignore any debris and continue with your worksContinue with your work but ensure you sweep up and discard all debrisStop, sweep up any debris and discard and report the disturbance to management once the job is completedStop work immediately and assess the situation

    20. If disposing of asbestos waste, how would you approach this?
    Fly-tipping into the nearest hedgePlacing in a controlled waste skipCrushing and washing down a foul drainDouble bagging and disposing of as special waste