How Often Should A Fire Risk Assessment Be Reviewed?

Hopefully, you will already be well aware of the importance of undertaking a suitable fire risk assessment at any property for which you are responsible for. However, what you may not be so well-informed about, is the frequency with which you should arrange for a fire risk assessment to be carried out. After all, while […]

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COVID-19 – ‘Return to work’ services available from ACMS UK

Whilst the current situation for businesses and organisations is to remain working from home where possible, things are beginning to change slowly.  If now would be a good time for you to assess your health and safety policies and think ahead to employees returning to work, we can help.  We offer the following as a […]

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Claiming for remedial works as part of the Contaminated Land Act

Did you know that it’s possible, through corporation tax, to claim 150% of costs for work carried out as part of cleaning up land and buildings acquired in a contaminated state.. and this includes asbestos? If you have property and/or land that might be relevant, read on.. Land remediation relief (LRR) can provide tax relief […]

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